You’ve heard how getting away from your desk and going for a walk can refresh your mind and reenergize your productivity. Well, company retreats are major walks away from your desk. At Infinite Owl, our job is to be fresh and creative for our clients every day. We often get caught-up in the endless to do list, which is why we prioritize a healthy mind, body and soul – yes, even at work!

Here’s what we did: we stepped away from our desks and truly got together.

We believe in quality over quantity. It’s not about being in the same room every day while we work but having quality time together as a team when we meet. Meals turn into creative brainstorms, team building activities turn into major bond-building moments, and planning sessions turn into bursts of incredible ideas – all this while laughing, getting to know each other and having fun. Can you imagine?! Having fun while working?

At the end of the day, work should be something you are excited about. Work is work BUT sometimes, just sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way when you invest in quality time with your team!

First, choose a location that is opposite your normal stomping grounds. We have offices in Boston and Tampa, so we traveled west to Scottsdale, Arizona. The new scenery sparked ideas because the environment was so different than what we were used to and it just helped the creative juices flow. Plus, the location got everyone excited for the trip before we even left.

Second, agree to work AND play. The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess was a fantastic facility to accommodate working sessions in a private business lounge complete with ongoing meals, refreshments and even mid-day snacks! The work-cation catered to facilitate productivity while simultaneously catering to relaxation (not worrying about what or where to eat while feeling delighted about what new snack would be served next). While having the essential business tools onsite, our team was able to accomplish the goals we set out in our retreat agenda and enjoy the amenities-filled resort.

Third, let team building be organic. We didn’t organize “mandatory fun.” We just had fun…organically! Because we already agreed to work and play – work was an organic flow of ideas, plans and even execution, while play became an organic flow of joyful conversations (which lead to more ideas for our clients), relationship building and learning how to work together to accomplish goals. After several days of business activities, our team decided to visit Sedona as a way to explore our work-cation environment. We worked together to research and discover Red Rocks, tour the parks and even climb some terrain!


 Red Rock formations in Sedona. Red Rock formations in Sedona.


Overall, the retreat was a success and completely worth the investment. Our team bonded, exchanged best practices, shared useful tools and tips, solved account challenges, and built plans for the future all the while enjoying each other’s company in a cool, new environment. We became a tighter team in the end balancing productivity and fun. Happy teams naturally result in quality work and thus, happy clients. Work is, and should be, a place that prioritizes a daily rejuvenation and a healthy balance of your mind, body and soul.

So, here’s to putting people first, working hard, playing hard and reaping the positive results!